Register description

Name of register

Public Service Info customer service system



Population Register Centre

P.O. Box 123 (Lintulahdenkuja 4), FI-00531 Helsinki, FINLAND

Tel. +358 295 535 001 (exchange),,


Contact person for matters concerning the register

Service Manager Minna Kuitunen
E-mail address: minna.kuitunen(a)
Tel. +358 295 535 001 (exchange)
Other contacts:
Development Manager Teemu Tukiainen
E-mail address: teemu.tukiainen(a)
Tel. +358 295 535 001 (exchange)
Information Systems Manager Pasi Ahola
E-mail address: pasi.ahola(a)
Tel. +358 295 535 001 (exchange)

Use of personal details (purpose of register)

The details are used for the purpose of responding to service requests received by the Public Service Info system maintained by the Population Register Centre and for forwarding feedback received on the operations of various public authorities.

Information content of Register

E-mail address and/or phone number of the user submitting the service request, and the content of the service request or feedback. Name of the user submitting the service request if required for responding to the request or for returning to the matter, and if the user consents to having his/her name recorded. Details will be retained for a period of two years so that users’ past service requests can be returned to if necessary.  

Regular sources of information

The user’s e-mail address or phone number is obtained from the call management system or support ticketing system when the service request is received. The service advisor records these details with the service request.

Regular disclosure of information

If the matter concerns a service provided by a public authority and requires a response to the user, the user’s e-mail address or phone number will be forwarded to the appropriate authority. 

Transfer of information to countries outside the EU or the EEA

No information is transferred to countries outside the EU or the EEA.

Register protection principles

A. Manual materials

No manual materials are handled in the service.

B. IT system register

The register is stored on a server accessible only by the registrar. No outside parties have access to the server. No information is disclosed to outside parties. Service events are reported on a statistical basis, and users submitting service requests are neither identified nor reported.