Information about public service info

Advice for users of public services

We’ve engaged in an AI experiment that goes by the working title Neuvonen, in which artificial intelligence is incorporated into the customer service of Public Service Info. The work is carried out in cooperation with the Population Register Centre and Cybercom. First, we’ll be introducing Neuvonen to its daily work and teaching it responses to citizens’ frequently asked questions.

Unfortunately, Neuvonen doesn’t work correctly with Internet Explorer (IE) web browser. We recommend to use other web browsers. In the beginning of the experiment Neuvonen helps only in Finnish. If you wish service in Swedish or in English, please contact us via our other service channels.

Neuvonen uses artificial intelligence to understand citizen’s questions and to learn new things.  Working under the guidance of the Public Service Info experts, Neuvonen will learn to find answers to citizens’ enquiries. The AI will not be replacing personal customer service contacts, but it will provide citizens with an additional channel for receiving answers to questions concerning public administration.  At first, at least, Neuvonen will have the same working hours as the rest of us experts at Public Service Info.

During the trial period, we’ll collect important data on your topical concerns and your preferred ways of dealing with different authorities. This is why the Neuvonen chatbot trial will also involve a short survey that will give us insight into the opinions and wishes of citizens. We hope that as many of our customers as possible will give us a minute of their time and take the survey. 

We ask for your understanding and patience during Neuvonen’s on-the-job training. We’d also love to hear about your experiences of doing business with Neuvonen, so please do send us some feedback.

Supporting authorities’ own advice services, Public Service Info is an advice service for users of public services. The aim of the service is to raise awareness of public sector services and to make them easier to use. The Population Register Centre is responsible for the service.

Public Service Info helps citizens find the correct authority or corresponding e-service through which to manage their affairs. In addition, Public Service Info provides support for users of e-services and answers general questions about public services. One of the objectives of the service is to reduce the number of non-emergency calls to the general emergency number.

The service is not intended for taking up official matters directly with authorities. Its purpose is rather to guide customers to the correct authorities. Public Service Info also does not transfer calls.

Service channels, opening hours, and languages

The service channels offered by Public Service Info are telephone, e-mail, electronic form, chat and remote connection. An SMS channel is also available for people with special needs, such as those with a speech impediment or hearing impairment. The SMS service is only available in Finnish mobile phone networks.

The phone service is open from 8 am to 9 pm from Monday to Friday and from 9 am to 3 pm on Saturdays. The service is closed on Sundays and on public holidays. Customers are served in Finnish, Swedish, and English.

Calls and SMS are charged only the operator’s local network, mobile call, or SMS fee. The service itself is free.

Calls and SMS to Public Service Info are only charged the local network, mobile call or SMS fee according to your operator's phone plan. If you are using a prepaid plan, you should check with your operator if calls to numbers starting with 029 are included. The service itself is free.

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